Planning to start a Blog ? This is the right time and grab the latest Offers available

Planning to start a blog ? Why hesitating and what are you holding back.You have reached the right place and i will guide you configure your blog easily and recommend some of the best available resources with great offers for your blog to start with.

Tips to become a successful blogger

  1. Choose your niche to start the blog

  2. Be consistent on what your are presenting

  3. Write genuine reviews/stories to customers

  4. Present your ideas to readers in an attractive way

Once you have selected the niche or area of interest in blogging we can move on h0w to set up your blogging platform.Many blogging platforms are available now a days.But my recommendation is the wordpress  which is one of the best and easily manageable blogging platform available at present.

Advantages of wordpress blogging platform

  1. WordPress platform is free to use.

  2. 40% of the current website uses wordpress

  3. High performance and High security

  4. Easily customisable designs

  5. Wide range of free and paid designs and plugins

  6. Excellent Community support

  7. Responsive mobile friendly websites

  8. Seo friendly and powerful media management

Steps to start your blog in 8 easy steps

  1. Choose your niche

  2. Choose right domain name

  3. Choose the best hosting provider

  4. Configure the wordpress blogging platform

  5. Select a good looking free or paid theme (design for your blog)

  6. Install essentials plugins to secure the blog

  7. Create quality content and publish to readers

  8. Generate traffic to website

Choose your Niche

Choose the right topic to start your blog.Present user interesting and informative contents to readers.Examples of niches are travel,finance,technology etc.Choose the one you have knowledge and interest.

Choose the right domain for your blog

Very important that you choose right domain name for your blog.The domain name and the content you write should have similarity.For example you can choose for your blog on technology.First of all choose a domain name and check whether the name is available or not.Use the below tool from bluehost to check the name availability

Bluehost provides free domain name for the first year with their hosting plans.Click on the below link and the offer will be automatically added for you. Click to Grab the free domain Offer

Choose the best hosting provider

We recommend Bluehost for hosting your blog.

Why Choose Bluehost for your blog

  1. Recommended by wordpress

  2. High performance and security

  3. Excellent 24/7 customer support

  4. Timely offers on new purchase and renewals

  5. Founded in 2003 ,currently hosting over 2 million domains

  6. Unlimited storage and bandwidth

  7. Free domain for first year with hosting package



We provide exclusive offer for our readers from 29 th March 2021  to 30th March 2021.Two day spring sale starts for bluehost from 29th March 2021.Here are the details of the exciting offer

Starting March 29th, bluehost will be discounting ALL term-lengths on all of their Shared Hosting packages:

Basic – $2.95/mo* (12/24/36mo)

Plus – $5.45/mo* (12/24/36mo)

Choice Plus – $5.45/mo* (12/24/36mo)

Pro – $12.95/mo* (12/24/36mo)

That means  12 month Basic package ($2.95/mo) will have a $35.40 in cart value that includes a free domain name for the first year and SSL. That’s a deal that hasn’t been offered by Bluehost ever!

Limited-Time Discounted Pricing is Available:

between March 29, 2021 12:00 am. MST and March 30,2021 11:59 pm. MST.


Install and Configure WordPress Platform

Once the domain and hosting is purchased next step is to configure the wordpress.Login to the hosting control panel and the hosting provider gives an option for one click install of wordpress platform.Once completed login to wordpress back end using the URL and provide the user name and password given during installation.Next step is to choose the right design for your blog.Go to appearance section in the wordpress back end and choose a theme which suits you.Install the theme and start creating contents.

If you are planning for a paid theme or design for your blog ,you can purchase it from themeforest .All resources like plugins,themes,banners are available in themeforest website.Get best offers from themeforest by clicking the below link


Create Quality Content and Attract Readers

Create quality content for your blog and attract your readers.I shall explain in detail about the seo and traffic generation in the next blog.


Success will be on your way.Happy Blogging


  1. Choosing domain name and hosting plans

  2. Choosing designs for your blog

  3. Installing and Configuring WordPress (paid service)

  4. Digital Marketing and seo (paid service)


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